Now arriving at Richmond Station

Remember, your first day at a new school, how your nervousness turned into a sense of awe after looking upon the vast array of opportunities in front of you. There were so many opportunities that you could get involved with, but you were not sure how to start. You needed someone to guide you, to introduce you to each activity. That’s how my first day of internship at MYOB felt like.

My team and my supervisor were my guides. From the simple-but-can-become-arduous task of setting up my dev environment to finding good cafes for lunch around Cremorne, someone was always there to help. More than anything, the roadmap that my supervisor, Duncan, had planned and set for me was detailed and exciting. He outlined my placement path and goalposts for me to look onto, mapping them to that of a graduate developer.

Our team’s BA, Yvonne, helped me navigate the Kanban board and the agile methodologies we followed. I was given opportunities to run the Board of Awesome (which is our tribe’s official board of kudos where we call out and applaud fellow workmates who have done something out of their way) and also to run a retro to give me an insight into the role of a BA. Plus, the developers in my team (that’s Matt, Tim, and Hannah) took a mentor role helping me investigate the code base, discussing solutions with me, and giving me plenty of feedback. Many questions sparked my curiosity, simple and complex, and my peers answered them with patience and kindness.

It wasn’t easy coming to a professional environment straight from university and applying skills learnt on small-scale projects to life-size projects. It took a while to get used to the information overload and to learn the technical skills needed to collaborate on the projects my team was working on. Moreover, I had to move away from the guided instructions of my university assignments to finding solutions to open problems for which I myself had set the success criteria. However, the constant support from my team and the encouragement of my questions, gave me confidence.

Others around me, both in my team and otherwise, made me feel very welcome (thank you Ryuichi, Nalinda, Peter, Rikki, and Julia). I never felt like I was an intern and always felt like I was treated as another MYOBian. I had meaningful and insightful conversations with all those around me, topics ranging from meditation to career advice. The people around me became more than just co-workers; they became my friends. The energy, passion, and humbleness of my talented colleagues is heart warming.

I didn’t even notice when I went from the one who couldn’t find his way out of Richmond Station (is this only me or does this happen to everyone on their first day?), to one who can help a new employee feel welcomed and settle in. Now, I carry with me a sense of courage and boldness as I continue on this adventure.

Mayank Adlakha