Experiment to awesome!

Experiments are key to all agile organisations, the internet tells us the key is measurable and outcomes everyone experimenting will result in awesome so if the book stops experiments don't read it, drop the bar "experiments should be short and fun!". If crews are inclined to experiment more often with small and fun, measurable outcomes will happen confidence will grow! experiment to awesome.

Experiments don't have to

Last forever
Have a business outcome
Be measurable

Experiments should

Be small
Be fun
Be run by the crew
Be able to help drive small improvements


Experimenting to awesome through a board is a small experiment to give kudos to team/tribe members quickly and face to face, with a side note if we can experiment.

A local board of awesome! Explain the awesome board to the BA while Drawing up awesome on a board and invite the team! Then don't turn up the board of awesome is small and fun the team share awesomeness and goto lunch.

Other crews notice the board and join in Board of awsomeness! Cheering and shouting entails as people begin to realise awesomeness.

Crew members shows some interest in growing the board of awesome and offers to tour the board around different crews to experiment more!

Experiment! Have Fun!