Fostering Engagement

I work in a wonderful crew, which I am tremendously proud of. We matured as a group, and the credit belongs more to those shared experiences than to myself… but this is my post so I’ll give you the recipe for fostering successful teams as I see it. What worked for me won’t necessarily work for you, but perhaps you’ll be willing to try something new with your team.

A great team is not created by merely collecting the right professionals, possessing the ideal skills for the domain. A great team isn’t managed into existence by the perfect leader. Those things would help though! For a team to have effective collaboration with dedicated & happy people and a strong culture… it needs the right environment and time to grow.

Tips for promoting engagement
A clear objective

Mission statements which can be rallied around, but which do not prescribe solutions… presented to the team such that they own the plans of attack.


Keeping decision-making at the ground level requires accurate information from team management as well as product.

Transparent management

Management’s goal is to provide the team with situational awareness of their environment/domain, such that they can be confident with their decision-making.
This includes establishing clear boundaries of their authority. So they know which calls they are free to make.

Direct stakeholder engagement

The stronger the relationship is with the product managers, the better.
Over time, and with proper care… these relationships will find a balance which is optimal for everyone involved.
Having the team directly engage with product doesn’t mean product is going to be crushed under a million questions.

Freedom to experiment

Flexible roles & responsibilities: Providing people with opportunity to stretch in new directions w/ the support of their team & management.
Support of a compassionate team:
Management providing a supportive environment which allows people to grow as individuals and as a group.
Nurture each other’s efforts, and be willing to go out of our way for each other’s benefit.

Thank you!

We are all on paths toward improvement, and I hope by sharing a piece of our story you might find some interesting ways to challenge yourselves.